CONCEPTO SRL developed the LUCIA system for the Uruguayan Customs, beginning the customs modernization project in 1998. Since then and without interruption, CONCEPTO SRL has provided the maintenance and evolution service of the system. We also support the Uruguayan Customs in the management of customs processes.

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The Costa Rican customs TICA system was based on Uruguay’s LUCIA system. We have been part of this project from the beginning, supporting the local team of the Costa Rican Customs in the implementation of the Imports, Exports, Transit, Free Zones and Active Improvement modules, among others. Since then we have supported the Costa Rican Customs with second and third level support.


Together with GeneXus Consulting we implemented the Uruguay Electronic Single Window, being a reference model in the region given the excellent implementation results of the project. Uruguay ESW is a key factor in facilitating foreign trade. Since its implementation, we have maintained a support and update service for the Uruguay ESW development team.


For more than 20 years, CONCEPTO SRL has been offering and executing consultancies for the Inter-American Development Bank.
Strengthening the focus of our specialization, these consultancies have been developed in projects related to the foreign trade of the countries.
There have been several recipients of our work throughout Latin America.
We highlight the projects for the development of the technological infrastructure for different Customs, as well as the evaluation of the procedures and technology systems that accompanied them throughout these years.


As clients, partners and allies, we work supporting SIGE Software SRL projects in relation to foreign trade both in the integration of the ERP SIGE with Dispatchers, Free Zones, Customs among other integration components. SIGE in turn contributes its knowledge in business management modules to the CONCEPTO SRL projects themselves.


CONCEPTO SRL developed and maintained by SIGE Software SRL, the Punta Pereyra free zone stock system, in order to comply with the regulations required by the Free Zones Directorate. The system is integrated with the access control system and barriers to allow the entry and exit of the load, with the scales for weighing the merchandise, with the logistics system that is responsible for the supply of wood to the plant, and with the dispatchers’ software to inform the DNA of the arrival of merchandise to the Free Trade Zone.


CONCEPTO SRL is the supplier chosen to implement the Fray Bentos free zone stock system (SIGE), in order to comply with the CAROU regulations. The system is integrated with the scales, with the logistics system that is responsible for the supply of wood, with the inventory management systems of the different Free Zone Users, and with the dispatcher software to inform the DNA of the arrival of merchandise to the Free Trade Zone.


Since the donation of the risk module of the Uruguay’s Customs , to the Colombia’s DIAN (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales), CONCEPTO SRL carried out the adaptation, and implementation of it, in coordination with the local team of professionals. Customization was made for all import, export, transit and maritime, air and land cargo operations.