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CONCEPTO SRL was founded in 1990 by its current directors, Computer Engineers Gustavo Ulivi, Raúl Caro and Enrique Almeida. Since that time it has experienced constant growth, currently having staff specialized in the area of technological projects applied to foreign trade.

CONCEPTO SRL’s core activity has been software development in the area, using the Genexus tool, as a key factor in the productivity and effectiveness of our solutions. CONCEPTO SRL is a SILVER Solution Partner of GeneXus and a business ally of GeneXus Consulting.

Our proposals are always based on a win-win model where we do not conceive the success of our management if it is not based on the success of our client.

Experience, Flexibility and Quality are the three pillars of CONCEPTO SRL.

  • Experience
    The experience of 20 years in projects for Customs and Foreign Trade has given us the basis to understand your current problems and propose appropriate solutions.
  • Flexibility
    We understand that the needs of our clients can change even during the projects, for this reason, the objectives must be adjusted throughout them to ensure success.
  • Quality
    Our solutions seek to satisfy the needs of our clients and provide quality software that guarantees the fulfillment of deadlines and short and medium term objectives.  

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3. CONCEPTO SRL Utilizes the personal data it receives exclusively for the specific purposes for which the user provides it, and not transferring it to third parties. Without prejudice to this, it reserves the possibility of processing the personal data of users to use them in the other services of the company or its business partners.

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5. The Privacy Policy is limited to the use that the user makes directly by entering the web page and the same result is not guaranteed if it is accessed through redirection from other sites.

6. This Privacy Policy details the current practices of the company in relation to the services it provides. For this reason, it can be altered if CONCEPTO SRL, at its own will, decides to do so.

7. CONCEPTO SRL has implemented all the necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing the data. This includes physical security measures and access only to employees or subcontractors who need to access the data for employment reasons, which will be subject to confidentiality clauses and professional secrecy obligations, contemplated in art. 302 of the Penal Code.

8. CONCEPTO SRL will make every effort to protect the personal data provided by users on this website. However, if in compliance with contractual obligations that it assumes with third parties, or in the event that there is a court order in this regard, CONCEPTO SRL may reveal some of the data it has in its possession.

9. The person in charge of the databases is CONCEPTO SRL, being able to exercise the rights of access, modification or deletion by going to the e-mail info@concepto.com.uy. The user may also send, in the same way, complaints or suggestions that they understand timely. If you have questions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy of this website, go to info@concepto.com.uy

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