Electronic Single Window

What is ESW?

The Electronic Single Window (ESW) is a foreign trade facilitation mechanism that allows optimizing and unifying, through electronic means, information and documentation at a single point of entry to comply with all import, export and transit.
The project contemplates the comprehensive redesign of the country’s foreign trade processes, accompanied by a total review of the regulations pertaining them,incorporating technology that allows a single platform to manage operations.

What do we want to achieve with the Electronic Single Window?

  • In addition to facilitating foreign trade, the single window contributes to the integration of operations, incorporating controls that assist in making decisions about a country’s trade.
  • By offering traceability of all processes, it allows greater transparency through full access to information and services.
  • It seeks efficiency in processes and with it reduction of costs in transactions (reduction in paper, automation and direct interaction between the different actors).

What premises do we maintain?

  • Provide an infrastructure framework to build and evolve an Electronic Single Window.
  • Provide the best practices in agile project management to achieve an entry into production on time and on budget.
  • Train and transfer knowledge to a team of the ESW to ensure the future sustainability of the project.

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