Private Sector

Private Sector

Complementing our experience in the public customs sector with the experience gained in projects for the private sector, guarantees us a complete view of foreign trade. In this way we achieve to understand the problems and difficulties of the customs needs and its controls, as well as the needs of optimization and efficiency of the private sector.

The main fields of work for the private sector are inventory management and management of customs declarations, among others, where we bring our knowledge on customs to propose effective solutions.

Since CONCEPTO was founded in 1996 it provided services to the Agro industrial sector, gaining the experience to understand the private needs in production and in export and import. This experience was channeled as a ‘spin-off’ creating SIGE company where CONCEPTO is a partner and commercial ally. SIGE continued with the line of work for the industrial sector and CONCEPTO assumed the projects in the area of ​​foreign trade.

Comprehend and understand the needs of the entire logistics chain allows us to provide solutions to each of the components of this chain.

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