Single Window Message Framework

We offer a solution designed to simplify the way organizations manage their operations and software integration. With SWiMF, one can seamlessly interconnect multiple systems, automate messaging and apply complex business rules, all without extensive programming. Our innovative Framework consists of several modules that optimize processes, foster collaboration and offer a highly intuitive user interface.


Thanks to our development of a highly configurable and scalable Framework, together with its flexible modules, SWiMF provides a customizable interface that enables a personalized user experience. It offers a robust web API that handles XML messages in various formats such as REST or SOAP. A wide variety of data models are also supported, with industry-leading standards such as WCO, IATA, e-AWB, and more.

Business Rules Management System (BRMS)

The Business Rules Management System (BRMS) allows you to efficiently define, track and audit different validation rules without the need for extensive programming. These rules can be easily adapted to meet specific business requirements, ensuring consistency and accuracy in decision-making processes. It is developed with a proprietary rules system, allowing to evaluate the defined business rules by compiling elements in an efficient language to perform the evaluations.

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms allow the creation and management of different forms based on data structures previously defined in specific Endpoints. This allows users to easily capture data and information relevant to various processes and workflows within the system. It is composed of several features that facilitate its use, such as the creation of attributes and controls within each form, which can be organized in a hierarchical structure for easier handling.

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